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Former career nomad turned coach, I’ve helped more than 1600 people reimagine their work and lives.


How I went from a burned-out 9–5er and became a coach, writer, maker, and artist.

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I’ve nurtured a fantasy for years. In my mind’s eye, I’m working in my beautiful studio office. The french doors in front of my desk are flung open to the porch and forest beyond. As I revel in my latest creative project, I listen to a soothing chorus of birds. I breathe in the soft summer air perfumed with the fresh, damp fragrance of a sun-dappled cedar forest.

I have all the technology I could want for writing and designing. I have a cozy corner…

When I was much younger and much more foolish, I made the most spectacularly poor career decision ever because I had little personal insight. I wasn’t anchored by my dreams and desires, or grounded in a firm understanding of my values. It left me very vulnerable to suggestion.

So when I was casting about for a new career, my husband who is a thinker/problem solver, pulled out one of his favourite phrases… “You know what you should do…” and made a persuasive case for me becoming a stockbroker. Great opportunity for women, great money, all I had to do was…

I just had THE most interesting response to a question I posted on Facebook. I was gathering people’s opinions about when they typically do their business planning. The responses were falling in a 50/50 split between the last week of December and January.

Then I got this comment:

“Who seriously works between Christmas and New Years??! That is for couching, skiing, lounging and family. my best advice is self-care before burnout and Christmas season is a big part of that.”

That totally got me thinking and I believe explains the divide between the December planners and the January planners!


Annabel Melnyk

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