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Former career nomad turned coach, I’ve helped more than 1600 people reimagine their work and lives.


  • Anneliese Place

    Anneliese Place

    An influencer with over a million followers around the globe, Anneliese Place is the Queen of Nightlife.

  • LaVonne Ellis

    LaVonne Ellis

    If you never do, you'll never know...

  • Kathryn Epworth

    Kathryn Epworth

    Kathryn supports ambitious new coaches to ditch the fears and excuses that hold them back, so they can get going, get seen, get clients and get paid.

  • Josh Marsden

    Josh Marsden

  • Kelly Christian

    Kelly Christian

    Certified Bookkeeper, Canadian tax expert, online entrepreneur, tech & systems geek, lover of books, wine, chocolate & travel.

  • Engel Jones

    Engel Jones

  • Marni Jade Evans

    Marni Jade Evans

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